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S.H.O.P Talk

S.H.O.P Talk is a multi-day, variable program that brings together the best parts of the S.H.O.P Program with executive leadership coaching and strategy.

What is S.H.O.P Talk?

S.H.O.P (Safety and Health for Organizations and People) Talk is an opportunity for organizations to get the full experience of what Mindbody Works Inc has to offer. This two-day program takes an in-depth look at the employee experience in the workplace and works with the executive leadership team develop a strategic plan for effectively addressing opportunities for improvement. 

The S.H.O.P Talk Program Consists of:

Day 1:

1-hour presentation tailored to your workplace. 

Full day on site wellness consultation with employees (ideally related to presentation topic) including short interviews with employees and accessibility to answer any questions or concerns related to the presentation.


Day 2:

1-hour presentation to executive leadership team tailored to management.

Group discussion with executive leadership team to deliver information gathered from previous day employee interviews.

Half day strategic planning session to address specific pain points and create an actionable plan.

In 6 months:

1-hour presentation related to the initial presentation

Check in with employees regarding themes from initial visit/presentation topic

Half day round table discussion with executive leadership team to update on progress and highlight new pain points


(Please note – all services provided in this program can be adapted to virtual)


“Sylvia did an outstanding job delivering her message to our company. She has an amazing ability to connect with anyone in a short time period. We have seen an immediate impact as a result of her message, and we could not be happier with her performance. Overall, Sylvia’s positive energy, powerful message and ability to connect with people make her an invaluable gift as a presenter. I highly recommend Sylvia to any company or group who has a goal to elevate team building, respect and positive energy.” 

- Tyler McCune, CSP, Reynolds Consumer Products (on the S.H.O.P Talk Program Pilot)

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