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The S.H.O.P Program

Safety and Health for Organizations and People

How much are employee injuries and strains affecting your bottom line? Do you even know?

The Problem

FACT: 63% of time-lost absenteeism is directly related to repetitive strain and/or musculoskeletal injuries!
(Source: Safe Work Manitoba)

FACT: You can reduce time-lost injuries and the related costs by up to 50% and reduce absenteeism by 25% by implementing a properly developed symptom identification, job coaching and injury prevention strategy.
(Source: Occupational Health & Safety Association – OSHA)

Unfortunately, most companies don’t have the budget for an in-house occupational therapist or physiotherapist who is typically highly paid and who demands appropriate benefits and resources.

The Solution

The S.H.O.P. program is a comprehensive on-site 7-Point strategy that includes:

  • Physio/Occupational Therapy assessment and treatment

  • Worksite assessments

  • Ergonomic assessments for individuals or groups in office or industrial environments

  • Return-to-work consultation

  • Work site modifications to accommodate injured or symptomatic workers

  • On-on-one consultations with injured workers to meet medical restrictions and support return to full work

  • Injury Prevention and Body Mechanics training for individuals or groups

The goal of the MindBody Works S.H.O.P. program is to proactively address symptoms before they become syndromes, keeping your workers safe, healthy and productive ... and keeping your bottom line profitable!

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