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Elevate Your Next Event With Sylvia!

Sylvia is everything you never knew you wanted in a public speaker. The former host of the ‘Happy Hour With Sylvia!’ radio show, international keynote speaker, “activational” mentor, author and industry expert uses her 30+ years of experience to change the way we look at corporate health and wellness. Get ready to learn, laugh and feel better than you ever thought you could.

Survivng To Thriving; A Guide To Self Health


The chain reaction of events ignited by 2020 are impacting our lives, bodies and minds. Fatigue, brain fog, unexplained symptoms, and illness are impacting performance and SAFETY in the workplace and reshaping our lives at home. Join Sylvia and learn how to reactivate your resilience and move from surviving to thriving!

  • An understanding of how stress affects the mind and body, especially chronic stress

  • Specific tools to move from survival into thriving, not just personally but also in the workplace

  • Practical solutions to deal with the three universal triggers of stress, to help participants not only mitigate challenges but also to PREVENT future challenges, at home and work

Stressed To Kill

With mental illness on the rise, everywhere you turn people are ready to blow their top! In “Stressed to Kill” Sylvia takes a deep look at the effects of stress, shares her powerful tools to reduce it (the legal and moral ones only....) as well as personal strategies for becoming the “boss“ of your stress. Stress is the next health epidemic, and it tends to be contagious, infecting entire teams. Stress leave costs businesses over $50 billion a year. Not mention the cost in the loss of human potential. Discover better health and a dramatically improved quality of life. And if that’s not enticing enough, how about learning the secret to slowing the aging process? Sylvia shares that with her audiences too!


  • The powerful biochemical impact stress has, as well as its strong and indisputable link to illness.

  • How to identify all the components of stress – physical, cognitive, emotional and environmental – and avoid or modify many of these.

  • The mind-body connection to stress and how you can stop it in its tracks with these techniques


Happy Hour Begins at 9am

*This presentation centers around creating a healthy life by focusing on happiness at work (Canadians report that work is their # 1 stressor!). We will deal with the influence of technology, competing demands from work and home (work-life conflict) and relationships at work. You can transform your workplace into a happy, healthy and productive place to be!

  • The deadly sins committed in workplaces, that can squash happiness and health of employee AND the bottom line.

  • The connection between the deadly sins and your health.

  • Strategies for reversing the effects of these sins at work.

  • Strategies for creating greater personal happiness.

Respectfully, Up Yours! How To Play Nice At Work

What makes a good workplace great? A culture of respect and cooperation. This interactive and collaborative seminar will assist people in becoming more effective individual agents of change and more respectful as a team. We will explore practical and concrete ways of bringing these ideas to life to generate a workplace of happy, engaged and supportive team players.

  • What constitutes respectful or disrespectful behavior?

  • The effect of disrespect in the workplace on SAFETY and HEALTH.

  • What’s in it for you to change the way YOU do things?

  • Guidelines for a respectful and psychologically safe workplace.

  • Practical tools and strategies for becoming a more respectful workplace.


Rules of Engagement


One of the hallmarks of a successful team or business; engagement at work is directly related to a healthy bottom line. With high employee engagement, there is higher retention, profitability, customer service, loyalty, innovation, creativity, and well-being, both corporately and personally. Adopt these strategies to create a team of engaged workers who want to be at and stay at work!


  • The importance of engagement and the factors that influence it.

  • Strategies to increase engagement for themselves, co-workers and employees.

  • How each participant can take ownership of their role and learn to love coming to work again.

  • Make work your passion, not just your pension!

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